Saturday, 17 September 2011

Getting to know each other

Hello everybody!
There has been a long time when I desided to make my own blog , but I couldn't have the "job" done because of my shedule! Now that I have leisure time I finally managed to have my very own page! :-)

What's this blog about?
One word: fashion! Well, I'm one of those people who doesn't simply love fashion & trends but actually adore them! Not very little, not too many are fashionistas and fashion bloggers. Fashion is an idea, an idea for each one's very own image to others. It's an idea of looking good, self-confident and yet stylish.

Who I am
I'm a simple girl, a student in the Department of Primary Education in University of Thessaly (Volos) in Greece. I actually come from Thessaloniki and I moved to Volos to continue my college studies. I started getting interested in fashion when -believe it or not- I bought my first pair of heels. Well, it was a pair of wedges in the summer of 2008 and today I own up to 30 pairs of heels ! It's quite a huge number for a girl in my own age and an average girl in my country. Whatever ! That was how it started :-) I wanted to look more femine and yet stylish. I started going shopping more and more, buying pieces to "construct" my fashion warldrobe. It was a bit hard because I had to study a lot at that time in order to enter the University. So, from 2008 untill the June of 2010 -when I graduated from school- , my fashion story and the project "Closet" has no interest. By the time I graduated... Here comes the good part! I started shopping like crazy, reading other blogs, considering the looks of other people in other countries in and all these staff. One year later, I would say that my closet has so much improved and many of its pieces are unique in my own opinion for fashion and stylish looking. Well, to be continued...!

The Orange Pig
This funny and totally irrelevant tittle for the theme of my blog, came to me firstly because my favourite colour is orange and secondly because pigs are so sweet and innocent animals :-)

I want to share my fashion thoughts with other people so that's the reason why I came up with this blog. I don't think that my passion for fashion is unique, because many people have already been interest for this. But I strongly believe that I can offer to this industry, called Fashion. My goal is to own the perfect -in my opinion- closeτ, which will include that pieces that will lift off my style and make me happy and yet confident.

Be different, be confident, be stylish !
Kate V

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