Friday, 23 September 2011

Street Fashion Festival 2011 in Thessaloniki

Hello everybody!
Yesterday I had the honour to attend a very special event in my hometown, Thessaloniki !
"Pillbox" organized it's bazaar again, as it does every month, but this time it was much more great ! Due to the fashionweeks around the world, "Pillbox" decided to have volunteer models and organize a street catwalk on the street, as it was the Global Day without a Car yesterday. Within the standard bazaar it was held a catwalk with pets and a catwalk with handmade clothes. Here are some pictures...

That was the 'dog'walk ! Haha :D
Aren't they cute in their hairstyles?

These photos are from the Bazaar with the handmade goodies! :-)

And now let the street catwalk begin ! What an amazing evening ! 
Maybe I'll follow the event today in it's 2nd day :-)

Be different, be confident, be stylish !
Kate V

Prima Donna Ballerina Dress

I bought this dress on June of this summer, but the high temperatures in Greece didn't help at all in order to wear it. I love this dress because it can be worn in different ways and style, from a glam rock to a retro vintage style ! I had this outfit on yesterday's Street Fashion Festival in my hometown, Thessaloniki.

Hellz Bellz Dress
Migato Black Ankle Boots
H&M Vintage Ring 
Pull&Bear Sparkling Skull Ring

Be different, be confident, be stylish !
Kate V

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

VoGue's Fashion Night Out Thessaloniki - The Party

Hello everybody!
It was a really great party on Tuesday ! I really love it! Here are some photos of this fabulous and yet so fashionable Night Out

The compaign's T-Shirts

Make-up artists at Sephora

Live Music at Max&Co

Faux Fur Clutch by PennyBlack 

Outside the FenaFresh Store

Paul's Boutique at FenaFresh Stores !!

Miss Sixty F/W 2011-2012

Silver bag by DALALEO

Vivienne Westwood Collection F/W 2011-2012

Juicy Coulture and Fornarina in Jewellery 

For this event I was going to wear a very celebrating and shinny outfit (You can see it on the Sneak peek of the outfits I'm going to wear at the upcoming fashion events ) , but the weather didn't help at all, so I had to change my outfit into something more warm and glam rock: 

I just love my new ankle boots! Hope you quys like my new post! Let me know below :-)

Be different, be confident, be stylish !
Kate V

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Monday's Shopping

Hello everybody!
Yesterday I was downtown with friends and I did a little shopping ;-) Haha
At first I was about to buy some clothes from H&M, but I didn't find the pieces that I liked while browsing on the internet official page of H&M. But I didn't left the market with empty hands :-P

1. New rings 

White & Green Ring from H&M
Skull sparkling Ring from Stradivarius

2. New Necklaces


Gold & Black Necklace from H&M
Silver Skull Necklace from Pull&Bear

3. New Shoes

Black Ankle Boots from Migato

So I was going for clothes and came up with new accessories and a brand new pair of shoes that I'm very glad of ! I just love my new shoes, they are sooooo my style ! They will rock every outfit and I can wear it till the early Winter with tights :-) 

Well, that's for today! I will leave you now with this quick post and get ready for VOGUE's Fashion Night Out ! Oh, yes! That's tonight! I'm so happy :-) It's a lit cold and rainy here in Thessaloniki, so I may have to make some changes to my outfit in order not to catch a cold! There is the big Street Fashion Festival coming this Thursday & Friday,too!

Have a nice day :-D

Be different, be confident, be stylish !
Kate V

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Sneak peek of the outfits I'm going to wear at the upcoming fashion events

Hello everybody!
As I told you in latest post today I'm going to show you a sneak peek of the outfits I'm going to wear the coming week.
The first event to attend is the VOGUE's Fashion Night Out on Tuesday the 20th ! This celebration of fashion is going to be very glamorous and plenty of style ! So I desides to party up my look and wear bright colours.

I selected this Access Fashion top because it's fabric is so shinny and suits the fabric of my shoes, too. I'll pair it with a dark denim trousers with turned edges, earrings in the colour of the sunrise and a beige vintage clutch which I found in my grandmother's warldrobe (!) . I think this look is both glamorous and chic, appropriate for the biggest fashion night in town ! What do you think?

The next event I'm going to attend is the Street Fashion Festival by Pillbox on the 22nd & 23rd of September. This festival is more kind of vintage as I described to you on my latest post, so I need to avoid shinny fabrics and try a more vintage look and yet retro. And what came first on my mind? My summer purchase of a sinner tutu dress by Hellz Bellz ! Don't hurry, I'll show you below! ;-) I thought of not wearing the dress as I dress -words just going complicated,huh?- , but to use it as a tutu skirt! The great thing about this dress is that the upper part of it is a black corset and the bottom a cute tulle skirt. So I can cover the corset with a top and it makes a great matching outfit! Let me show you...

This is the original dress by Hellz Bellz. As I already told the corset can be covered by a top of your choice. Well I'll use a long square scarf of my mother's warldrobe and turn it into a beautiful top. I'll double knot it on the back and in order not for the knot to been visible I'll try a short cardigan above! What I mean is...

... just like this ! This little idea transforms the whole look! Don't you think so? And now from a rock and prima balarina -I would say- dress is transformed to a retro vintage dress! I'll pair it with the same shoes of the VOGUE's Fashion Night Out look above and a lila bow purse...

I'm not showing you the entire look like I need with the first one above, because I'm so excited for this one and I'm working on it a long time ago, so I want it to be a surprise! :-) My inspiration for this retro vintage outfit was this Carrie Bransaw's look on Sex & the City 2...


...and a recent Swing Party I attended in which The Speakeasies' Swing Band had a live permormance !

For more information please visit

I hope you like my thoughts about the shown outfits. Let me know below ;-)

Be different, be confident, be stylish ! 
Kate V